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Dry-Land Training Equipment used in Elite Off-Ice Training Programs for Skater Development. Benefits Skaters of All Levels Our 3G Slide Board are also used in variety of Fitness and Rehabilitation Programs Worldwide

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Essential Exercise Equipment for Ice Skaters in developing Vestibular Sensors (Internal Balance and Rotation) to Greatly Improve Jump and Spin Performance.

Skating is one of the most complicated sports in the area of coordination. Over time the human body has adapted to operate on a 90 degree angle to the center of gravity. In regular day to day life the human body does not experience motions such as rotation with height and velocity. The constant changing of velocity, inclination and rotation of ice skating creates an alternate reality for body experience requiring the development of extra senses in order to operate at peak efficiency. The Rotation Trainer will improve the brains vestibular capabilities and significantly enhance balance and control.

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Rotation Trainer for Skaters

Rotation Trainer
+ DVD Training Lesson


Dimension: 10 inch Diameter
US $39.00

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Rotation Trainer for Skaters

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